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Bluebeard (Comic Book) is issue #11 in the Grimm Fairy Tales. It is also the fifth issue in the second volume.


When a young bride experiences trust issues with her husband she enlists the help of a private investigator. When evidence points to an affair she begins to assume the absolute worst case scenario never stopping to realize that curiosity killed the cat. Will the lesson she learns help her overcome her jealousy before it's too late? Another incredible Zenescope twist on the Brothers Grimm fable "Bluebeard".

The Story

Warning! Spoilers!

Sela tells the story of Bluebeard to a young wife who is concerned that her husband might be having an affair, and thus also trying to kill her. In the story the mysterious Bluebeard moves to a deserted castle and claims it as his birthright. He sends out the message that he is searching for a bride, yet most are apprehensive to the mysterious stranger. Eventually one woman comes forward and says she will marry him and the two are wed the next day. Bluebeard reveals that she can have everything if she has his trust. He leaves her alone as he heads off on business and leaves her the keys to the castle, instructing her she can look in all rooms but one. Her curiosity is sufficient for two days but then consumes her on the third. She ventures into the room and finds the mutilated bodies of women. When he returns he confronts her, and she grabs a knife and runs to the basement. He follows her and stabs him. The story cuts back to the modern era where the young woman stops reading because she is so disturbed, and when her husband comes home with a surprise trip, she grabs a knife as the two head off. He takes her to a barn where he has planned a surprise party, but she stabs him before he can reveal it. Sela interjects and says that she should have finished the story, as Bluebeard while bleeding to death reveals that the images of the mutilated women were just an illusion which caused his bride to see what she suspected. In his innocence she discovers she betrayed him and acted on her impulses.

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