Body, but no soul

Erik was part of Sinbad's orginal crew on the Al Azif. He was killed by Doc Carou with the rest of the crew on Santalista and brought back as a zombie under the control of Acacia shortly thereafter. He currently is part of Acacia's crew, still on the Al Azif, as a mindless zombie in her quest to get revenge for the death of her lover Doc Carou by killing his former captain, Sinbad.

In the Comics

Sinbad Crossover: Part 1

Sinbad Crossover: Part 2

Sinbad Crossover: Part 3


  • "I can patch it enough to get us to shore. I'll need two or three days to do a serious repair, thought, once we reach Santalista." - Sinbad Crossover: Part 1